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33 – Prehistory in the Aegean

“While you live, shine, have no grief at all; life exists only for a short while, and time demands its toll.” -The Epitaph of Seikilos Ready to start our journey with the Greeks? Good! But don’t get too excited yet, there’s very few Greeks in this episode! Why? Because they haven’t arrived in Greece yet silly. We’re traveling to the…


4 – The Stone Age

Are you ready to rock? Because we’re heading into the workings of the prehistoric mind…where taming former enemies, drilling into skulls, stone age fetishes and art await! Music Credits: Kevin Macleod – Night Cave SFX Credits Sauron974 – crackling fire Colin Poh – animal dog retriever   ~~~ SO MANY LINKS ~~~ The spread of Homo Sapiens The Many Venus Figurines Venus of Dolni…