Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the show and then some. Chances are if you have a specific question about the podcast, it can be answered here. Otherwise if it’s something more specific or you saw me on TV and want to know what I use in my hair, try sending me an email through the contact form.

“How do I listen to your podcast?”

If you’ve got an internet connection, you’ve got a way to listen.

Streaming: You can listen directly from a website without having to download a file. The most common methods are iTunes, Soundcloud, TuneIn, or Stitcher Radio. Or you can just stream directly from my website, as I use Soundcloud’s player for each episode.


iOS – The Podcasts app comes free with your device…but honestly? It’s still not very good. Spend the extra bucks or wait for a sale and download Downcast (it’s worth it).

Android – Highly recommend Pocket Casts. It’s another pay app, and doesn’t have all the features of Downcast, but it’s also waaaay more user friendly and STILL better than the Podcasts app.

Desktop – On the Soundcloud player look in the upper right corner :





That arrow icon is your download button. You can download the episode in mp3 format to do with as you please.

“Why is it called ‘our world’ and not ‘the world’?”

I answer that question on the About Me page here, as well as how the show got started.

“What makes your show different than all the other history podcasts out there?”

Well I’m the only one doing a survey style world history show…I think, or at least the first one to do so. In terms of purpose, the podcast is a chronological account starting at the Big Bang and hopefully ending up at modern events…one day.

“Is your show more like Mike Duncan or Dan Carlin?”

Nothing like distilling a huge genre into two camps, huh? I guess the former, only that I try to keep episodes between the 20 and 25 minute mark.

“Why does this feel less like history class and more like storytime?”

Probably because that’s the point. Few of us are auditory learners, and even so you’re not thinking while commuting to work and listening to my show that you should do some further research into Pushyamitra Shunga’s rise to power. Not only because I probably didn’t say his name right, but also because you have no idea how to spell it. Take our friend from the previous question, Dan Carlin. Why would anyone sit through a four hour podcast on Mongolian history? Because he makes it entertaining. Granted I crack way more jokes than he does, but we both agree on the same philosophy here: if you’re not entertained, you’re not learning. I’m not here to teach history, I’m here to tell you about it in ways you might not have thought of before. There are plenty of heavy educational lecture type podcasts if that’s your thing. If you’re interested in history as a story, however, then stick around for a different sort of show.

“How come you treat things that obviously didn’t happen as historical fact?”

Do I? Huh. Funny word ‘obviously’, because obviously I own a Delorean that allows me to witness these events firsthand! How do we know that any of this happened without cold hard evidence? We don’t. We can only rely and trust that the primary sources are telling the truth. Which many times they most certainly are not. Does that mean I won’t talk about the legendary parts of history? Not a chance! But you’ll get some heads up at least that we’re entering the murkier parts of our journey.

“Why did you spend so much time on the Hebrews?  Take your religious agenda out of my history!”

I gave the most unbiased and objective account I could on the history of the ancient Hebrews/Israelites. Whenever possible I included primary sources outside of the Old Testament, and archaeological evidence. Not only do I find the history of such a tiny region of the world fascinating, but also because it matters so much to other historical topics that will come up later. Plus some of the stories are just too good to pass on.

That said, no other topic I’ve covered has stirred such passion and anger. No one’s ever sent me hate mail when I covered the questionably factual early Chinese dynasties…but I find it curious that certain people go out of their way to send hate mail about the Israelite episodes…meh, I stand by my decision.

“Why didn’t you spend more time on the Hebrews?  Take your atheist agenda out of my history!”

We’re done here.

“Why haven’t you covered Africa/Polynesia/Native Americans yet?”

Because there’s not enough content to talk about yet. Seriously – that’s not a slight or jab at these cultures, there’s just not enough recorded history in the B.C. times for me to work with. Sure there’s archaeological evidence we can discuss but that’s not the point of this show. Of course everyone will have their story be told, but it needs to be done in an organized manner that I feel comfortable working with.

“I can’t comment anymore – what happened?”

Honestly I was getting tired of the overwhelming spam. You can still comment on new articles for a few days but then it closes down.

“I have a question you didn’t answer!”

If you’ve got a specific question or you think there’s a question I should post here, feel free to contact me and let me know!