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31 – Prophets and Kings

As the holy one I recognized thee, Ahura Mazda, when Good Thought came to me and asked: “Who art thou? To whom dost thou belong? By what signs wilt thou appoint the days for questioning about thy possessions and thyself?” I said to him: “To the first question, Zarathustra am I, a true foe to the Liar, to the utmost…


30 – Cyrus the Great

“O man, whoever you are and wherever you come from, for I know you will come, I am Cyrus who won the Persians their empire. Do not therefore begrudge me this bit of earth that covers my bones.” Epitaph of Cyrus from Plutarch’s: The Life of Alexander Music Credits: Artist unknown! All I know it’s a sample called KCD104.wav but…