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68 – Children of Mars

This is it podcastorians, our last Carthage-centric episode for a bit! I thought about splitting this one in two but nahhhh if we’re going to have one last Punic episode, then it should be a lengthy one! Now there may be a slight delay getting the next episodes out, but c’mon, 4 in 4 weeks is pretty good for me…


67 – Agathocles

Yes we’re still on Carthage, but Agathocles is the one in the spotlight here! He’s just so morally bankrupt, so diabolically fixated on personal glory, so obsessed with being the biggest Alexander the Great fanboy, that it’s just too good a story to pass on! And don’t forget to head to and show some support to an amazing composer! Music: Rome:…


66 – Punic Ambitions

The war for control of Sicily drags on and neither side looks particularly good in this! Tyrants, distrustful generals, poisonous politicians, and all around yuckiness. Plus a character I found so fascinating I had to do a two-parter! And don’t forget to head to and show some support to an amazing composer! Music: Rome: Total War Bonus2 – Epic


65 – Carthage vs. Syracuse

The confrontation between the Hellenic and the Punic world was inevitable, but the battleground would be Sicily, a land quite near and dear to me! It’s here that the balance of power would sway back and forth in a seemingly futile struggle. Of course it’d be a shame if someone else were to burst in swinging…but that’s for the next…


64 – Carthage

Carthage always seems to take a backseat in history to another big player in the Mediterranean. It could be because it’s really tough to find solid writing on them…but hey, when has fact and evidence ever stopped this podcast! So we stretch things a bit and talk about events that may or may not have ever existed…whatever! Onwards to Carthage,…