69 – Rome

“A foreign son-in-law shall come from far
(Such is our doom), a chief renown’d in war,
Whose race shall bear aloft the Latian name,
And thro’ the conquer’d world diffuse our fame.
Himself to be the man the fates require,
I firmly judge, and, what I judge, desire.”

-King Latinus to Aeneas, The Aeneid of Virgil

Ave Podcastorians! This is it – our first foray into the hallowed halls of Roman history, although in typical TPHOOW tradition…there’s very little actual ‘history’ in this episode. Oh c’mon you know you missed it! And HEY who’s that introducing the episode? Why it’s none other than guest introducer and fearsome corsair Cap’n Craig Buddy of the History of Pirates Podcast! Be sure to give his excellent show a listen and indulge your inner buccaneer!

Music Credits: Music Romana – Faunus

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  1. acnyc
    September 22, 2015 at 6:27 AM

    hail caesar!

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