A complete audio journey of humanity's collective history from the earliest creation myths to the modern age…eventually

Hey, I hear ya. You've always wanted to get into history. Maybe you're tired of getting low scores in Trivia Crack. Maybe you're iffy on whether Game of Thrones is real or not, I'm not judging. Bottom line though? You can't seem to muster up interest in for the subject because of...the flashbacks. High school history class. The droning lectures, the lack of context, that weird thing where even though it says 'world history' on your schedule, all the teacher does is talk about Northern Europe. Rough stuff...but there is hope. Welcome to The Podcast History of Our World.

About the podcast (and me!)


Added a new frequently asked questions page under the Home category. Hopefully this will explain some things I get asked quite a bit!


Update News – 9/21/2015

I’m back! Got my first episode on Rome for you all and it’s hopefully everything you’ve come to expect (and miss) about the podcast! I’m hoping to get back into a bimonthly rhythm again, so we can keep plugging away. Gilgamesh is still a work in progress but of course I’ll let everyone know when that happens. And don’t forget – if you’d like to hear the remastered episodes you’ll have to manually download them – the podcatcher doesn’t know they’re brand new as well!